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P A S T   P R O D U C T I O N S

Short but Not So Sweet, “MC”, Broken Mirror Productions, Mechanics Institute, September 2012


Bullet, The Order of Melbourne, Melbourne International Comedy Festival March 2012


Bullet, “Narrator\MechaRed\” North Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Fringe Festival, September 2011


The Importance of Being Earnest, “Lady Bracknell”, Rough & Tumble Theatre, Grace Darling Hotel, Midsumma Festival, January 2011


The Importance of Being Earnest, “Lady Bracknell”, Adelaide Fringe Festival , March 2011


Oh! The Horror!, “Frankenstein’s Monster”, Gambin’s Gore Galore Productions, Dancehouse, 2009


Cellblock Booty, “Matron”, Sisters Grimm, Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe Festival, March 2009


The Joy Before Thinking, “Eve”, Little Ones Theatre, Theatreworks October 2008


East, “Mum”, It Goes Beyond Theatre, Seymour Centre, BITE, October 2008


Cellblock Booty, “Matron”, Sisters Grimm, Collingwood Underground Arts Park, April 2008


Bumtown, “Squirrel”, Sisters Grimm, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, November 2007


The Maids, “Madame”, Merge and See Theatre, Carlton Courthouse, MUDFest 2007


Losing Your Marbles, “Bradley”, Short & Sweet, Fairfax Studio, December 2006


CUT, The Butterfly Club, Melbourne Fringe Festival, October 2006


The Taking of Ramsey Street, “Jaleel”, Theatre in Decay, Lithuanian Club, Melbourne Fringe Festival, September 2006


East, “Mum”, Carlton Courthouse, Carlton, VIC, March 2006


The True Amazon Adventures of Roger Casement, “Pepe”, Theatre in Decay, La Mama, Midsumma Festival, January 2006


For VCA - 2005


East by Steven Berkoff – “Mum” Directed by John Bolton.


Translations by Brian Friel – “Hugh O’Donnell” Dir. Rhys McConnochie.  


Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov – “Kulygin” Dir. Kirsten von Bibra.


Tag Hamlet (based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet) – “Polonius” Dir. Roy Faudree (Wooster Collective).

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